There are just many things to do in Gilgit Baltistan, something for just about any kind of traveller, such as hiking on beautiful trails in lush green forests, climbing highes snowy mountain, fishing in hundreds of rivers and lakes, biking alongside lakes or mountain switch backs, hunting on gorgeous mountain peaks, skiing on snow-capped peaks and much more.

climbing in gilgit baltistan


For all you mountaineers out there, Gilgit Baltistan is the place for you!. With it is natural charm and beauty, it attracts mountain climbers from all across the globe. There are a variety of beautiful, interesting and challenging climbing peaks ranging from 6000 to 8611 meters including the world's second highest mountain K2. Gilgit Baltistan is also ideal for adventurers that love rock climbing, rappelling and other allied activities.

trekking in gilgit baltistan


Gilgit Baltistan is best place for people passionate about trekking. Here you will pass through amazing sights like thick forests of walnut, cherry, apricot, oak and pine trees and water streams. Trekking alongside rivers, lakes and across the beautiful snowy mountain can make your trekking experience unforgettable. And if one is lucky, trekkers can also spot the rich wildlife like the Ibex, Markhor, Leopard etc.

hunting in gilgit baltistan


Gilgit Baltistan is often referred to as a living museum because it is home to a variety of animals these include Marco Polo sheep, ibex, markhor, urial, blue sheep, lynx, snow leopard, brown and black bear, wolf, fox, marmotte and chakor. The hunting is permitted only during the period between 15th November till 31st March.

fishing in gilgit baltistan


Gilgit Baltistan is famous for brown and rainbow trout fishing. Here lakes and rivers all offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy fishing at it is very best. Some of the finest destinations for trout fishing include Ghizer and Naltar. if you want to go fishing here, you require license. There are watchers along the rivers, you can get the permit on the spot.

biking in gilgit baltistan


Gilgit Baltistan is a great destination for mountain biking. Riding a bike or cycle across the highest snow-capped mountains, and along with beautiful valleys will make your ride worth remembering throughout your life. You will also get the chance to experience the local culture while you are cycling through the region.

rafting in gilgit baltistan


Rafting in Gilgit Baltistan rivers takes you through it is picturesque landscape, consisting of deep canyons, soaring snow-covered peaks, hilltop monasteries, hillside villages, and unique wildlife. The rivers Ghizer, Hunza, Shigar, Astore and Hushe offer many stretches for both professionals as well as amateur rafters.

paragliding in gilgit baltistan


Want to fly and paragliding like a free bird and soar high up in the sky and want to see beauty of stunning landscapes, big mountians, beauitful galaciers then Gilgit Baltistan is the place for experience this wonderful feeling. Duikar valley in Hunza and Hushey valley in Skardu are main paragliding stations.

camping in gilgit baltistan


If you are looking for a once in a lifetime camping experience, then Gilgit Baltistan is the place for you. The landscape here is so mesmeric that you never want to come back from the place. It offers clear views of gorgeous sunsets, galaxies, lakes and snow covered mountains.