Gilgit Baltistan can be accessed from three different outside locations i.e, Islamabad, Chitral and China through road and air routs. You can choose to travel from Islamabad by air or by road to reach Gilgit Baltistan. From China and Chitral there is no air facility but you can choose to travel by public transport, taxi, or private transport.

By Air

PIA operates daily flights between Islamabad and Gilgit, flying time is one hour and the flights are subject to good weather condition. You need to reserve your seat at least 30 days before your departure. For reservation call: 111-786-786

By Air

Gilgit Baltistan is well connected with Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan by road. Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) runs daily bus services from Islamabad. For seat reservation call: 051-9278441. or 051-9278442

Google Road Map

Road map from Islamabad to Gilgit via Mansehra and Muzaffarabad.