Gilgit Baltistan cuisine is as diverse as it is unique. Some of Gilgit Baltistan more famous traditional food dishes are Chapshoro, Dawdoo, Chamus, Mamtoo, Sharbat, Harisa, Molida, Garma, Berikutz ,Harissa, Diram, Mull, Gooli, Suppra, Khamuloot.

chapshuru traditional food


Chapshuro is one of the most delicious dish of Gilgit Balistan. It is filled with chopped meat (lamb, beef), onion, chile peppers, tomato and fresh coriander leaves.

mamtu traditional food


Mantu (dumpling) is steam boiled dish which is filled with chopped meat (lamb, beef), onion, chile and garlic and steamed for several hours in in a multi layer steamer.

harisa traditional food


Harissa is prepared by wheat, meat and butter as a oil .The dish is solid in the handling of proteins and it is served on extraordinary events including wedding functions, celebrations.

sharadi traditional food


Sharadi/Garma is one of the many healthy dishes from Gilgit Balistan. It is simply raw wheat dough thin pitas cooked in china cabbage.

sharbat traditional food


Sharbat is one of healthy dish from Gilgit Balistan. It is prepared by wheat and butter. It is high in protein and served on wedding celebrations.

gooli traditional food


Flat bread, made with wholegrain flours, rich in vitamin B-17. it is served spreading butter on bread, on extraordinary events.

fiti traditional food


Chupati (bread) is a must item for Gilgit Baltistan people in breakfast, made with wheat flour and is baked at night and served in morning with salty tea.

fiti traditional food


Diram Fiti bread made from sprouted wheat flour which give natural sweetness. It is served mixing butter, almond or apricot oil.