• The Land Of Beauty
    Phander, Ghizer Valley

    Phander, Ghizer Valley
  • Trout Fishing Spot
    Langar, Ghizer Valley

    Langar, Ghizer Valley
  • Sunset Experience
    Duikar, Hunza Valley

    Duikar, Hunza Valley

Where Is Gilgit Baltistan Located?

Gilgit Baltistan region has a total area of 72,496 sq km with around 2 million population and lies at extreme north of Pakistan. It is bordered by China Republic on the north, India on the east, and Afghanistan and Central Asian states on the west. Gilgit Baltistan is considered to be the most spectacular region due to it's diverse natural beauty. Unique landscapes, evergreen forests, cold deserts, snowcapped mountains and great cultural heritage are the attractions. It is a famous tourist place and has always been a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers and landscape loving people. You can experience a cool weather over there throughout the year. It is surrounded by highest peak of the world and is famous for trekking, climbing, rafting, camping and paragliding.

the land of four seasons





Places to Visit

Naltar Valley

Phander Valley

Domail Valley

Duikar Valley

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